Rising temperature and ocean warming are providing fuels for hurricanes, typhoons, severe wildfires and other natural disasters. Reducing and managing disaster consequences has always been a challenge. To slow down the rate of climate change, we need to rethink the way we design, manufacture, and build. The use of TIMBER and other bio-based materials in building construction is now seen as a sustainable alternative!

This workshop aims to collate current research into the complex relationship between climate change, natural disasters, and building technology, exploring the challenges and opportunities for the next generation of timber and hybrid building construction.

Keynote speakers

Prof. Ying-Hei Chui

Faculty of Engineering, University of Alberta

Fellow of Canadian Academy of Engineering

Industrial Research Chair in Engineered Wood and Building Systems of NSERCCommittee

Committee Member of the National Building Code of Canada

Research interests
  • Timber – steel hybrid lateral load resisting system, Timber-concrete floor systems, Timber connections, Engineered wood products and composites, Wood quality and lumber properties, Non-destructive evaluation, Structural dynamics

Presentation Topics
  • Mass Timber - A Viable Structural Material for Mid- And High-rise Buildings
Prof. Guirong Yan

Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering, Missouri University of Science and Technology

Director of Center for Hazard Mitigation & Community Resilience

Chair of Board of Directors of the NAAHDRI

Co-Chair of ASCE Technical Committee

Research interests
  • Wind hazard mitigation and computational fluid dynamics, Structural health monitoring and condition assessment, Nonlinear system identification and damage detection, and Resilient civil space structures and bridges in multi-hazard environments

Presentation Topics
  • High-fidelity Hazard Models for Facililating Climate Change Adaptation
Dr. Steven Craft

Principal and Co-founder of CHM Fire Consultants Ltd.

Adjunct Professor, Fire Safety Engineering, Carleton University

Chair of National Research Council Committee on Wildland Urban Interface Fires

Committee Member of ULC Fire Test and Canadian Wood Design Standard

Research interests
  • Fire Science and Engineering, Fire Research, Wood Structures and Fire Safety, Building Codes Development, Standards Development, Fire Testing

Presentation Topics
  • Fire Performance of Mass Timber: A Canadian perspective from preliminary tests to building code acceptance

Date & Venue

The Hong Kong Univeristy of Science and Technology
Supporting organization